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             " I only have one goal ... to be the best."

     Ladies and Gentlemen  welcome to my mind! A place where impossible does not exist. It has always been a dream of mine to create art that will positively impact others. I breath art, I live art, my world is defined by art, I am an expression of art....Art is not something that I is what I am.

       I  would like to humbly thank you for visiting  It has been a while since I've written  something new  so I wanted to share a little about where I am in life.  My excitement for art has grown much more since starting  The more I keep doing art the more new things I see.  I draw for hundreds of hours  a year but still drawing is such a small percentage of what I do.  I'm learning to feel more and draw less by limiting the number of times I look at the reference photos. So far the results have had quite a positive impact on the quality of my work. 

     Last year I produced  two art shows displaying my work.  They were the first times I got to see the public's and other artist's reactions to my work.  Overall I had a great time during my shows. I feel like I have found my voice with pencil and I'm gonna make something great out of it. I'm well aware that not everybody will like my drawings and that doesn't hurt my feelings. Different people are attracted to different things and that's perfectly fine. If you love my drawings please just write me something under Contact me  and share me on Facebook.  Also if you stumbled on my site by accident and think its kinda cool ... well ... thank you! 

       I would like to thank you again for visiting  I would like to add a special thank you to people in Ireland for your particular affinity for my work.

            Member @ : artworksdowntown

         " The beginning of the beginning " solo show 2012.             
   At:   artworksdowntown  1337 Forth Street, San Rafael , CA,                                                                                     (415) 451-8119

                    " Second art showing " Solo showing 2013
  At:  Marin Jewelers Guild 1331 Forth Street, San Rafael , CA
                                  (415) 454-2711

             " Small Works Exhibit  " Juror : Alen Bamberger 2014
                         featuring 63 Bay Area artists.
   At: artworksdowntown  1337 Forth Street, San Rafael, CA

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                                                                       ~Beri Ketema

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