Welcome to my mind, a place where impossible does not exist. I would like to humbly thank you for visiting my site.


About Me

I am a graphite pencil artist and graphic designer. My passion for art has been deeply rooted in me since I was about four years old. My art has always been my outlet and reflection of who I am as a person. Art is not just what I do, it is an extension of who I am. While growing up in Ethiopia, I discovered my passion for art with the natural influences in my daily surroundings. I specialize in pencil art of portraits. My art is designed to give the viewer a real 3D feel and the essence of liveliness in every piece I do.

About My Work

After attending art school at the age of seven at a local art studio in Ethiopia where I grew up, I knew my passion and focus would be in pencil art. I enjoy working with graphite pencil and shading techniques to bring art to life. With this passion inside of me, I decided to further build my skills by attending the Minnesota school of art institute as a young teen and got my certificate from there. I further pursued my passion by getting a degree in Fine Arts followed by Graphic Design. My work is greatly influenced by everyday life things. I love to sit, observe and capture the simplicity of the things that can go unnoticed. Everything I see translates into art for me so I have a wide variety of categories in my artwork.

I have spent well over 8,500 hours practicing my craft and perfecting my skills in pencil art. My goal has always been to make my pencil artwork appear 3D and lively. I have had success in gallery shows and portrait work. I am continuing to grow and develop my skills and I hope to continue to share my passion with the world.