BERI ART.COM - My Background

               A little more about me.
       My name is Beri Ketema. I was born and raised in Africa, in a country named Ethiopia, until the age of twelve. My father noticed that I had an interest in art when I was about three years old because I kept on drawing on our house walls. He said he told me not to draw on the walls but gave me some paper. It is so funny how sometimes our interests can start at a very early age. When I was about seven my dad heard about this art teacher in town and sent me to study with him. I must say that was one of the greatest gifts my dad ever gave me. I learned and grew so much in art at this school. My interest in art never went away. I feel just as excited today about art if not more than when I was a little boy.
       When I was twelve years old my family and I came to the USA. I love it in the USA because one can become anything if he or she works hard. After high school I changed my major a couple of times but I finally learned that I will never be happy doing anything else but art. I have an Associates degree in fine art from college of Marin, kentfield, California. I chose not to pursue a Bachelors in Fine Art  because there was not much art teachers could teach me and my final aim was not to work for an art company or become an art teacher. I am confident that i have already found my own unique style and voice. I plan to improve my art skills until I'm well known.

      I love to live life to the fullest and appreciate each day. I believe life is a privilege. I give one hundred percent to the one thing I love to do the  most...ART! It is my greatest wish that my art may bring you happiness and inspiration. If you have dreams don't give up on them no matter how hard it gets because dreams can become a reality if you believe.

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