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          Pencil drawings.
     I believe there is something magical about a pencil and a paper coming together starting from the first line. I have so much love and respect for the pair. I enjoy doing art very much. Sometimes hours and hours go by without me noticing when I'm drawing. I'm a very simple person; give me a hot cup of coffee, a kitty cat by my side, a pencil, paper and I am in heaven.
    What is art for me? Art for me is a feeling that goes beyond words. Art is about feeling and believing that there is something beautiful and great in all of us. In more technical terms art for me is about the magic that comes when simple shapes like circles, squares and lines come together to create something we can recognize and feel. There is nothing greater to me than the moment when a piece of drawing or painting becomes alive.
     As far back as I can remember there has always been something inside of me that believed in something more. I am never satisfied with  regular things because I am always chasing a feeling that is out of the range of everyday life. Creating art gives me this out of norm experience.
       I do art for my own personal satisfaction and I would have kept doing it even if I never got paid for it. It is an addition when people tell me that they like my art or they want to buy it. I don't think of myself as being a good artist. I think part of the reason for this is because I've been doing it for such a long time that my eyes have adjusted to it. This keeps me always wanting to improve because I want to surpass myself.
        It always makes me very happy when I see people's reaction to my artwork. I usually go to coffee shops or sometimes flee markets and other places to draw and get my name out to as many people as I can. I get to meet and talk to all kinds of people from all walks of life. I must admit my favorite moments are when kids come and tell me that they like my art. This usually gets me emotional. It makes me happy beyond words and at the same time makes me very humble.

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